Welcome to Barry County
Emergency Services E9-1-1

Barry County Emergency Services has instituted a rigorous Quality Assurance program, that starts the first day on the job.  Prospective candidates have gone through a screening process that address their general knowledge and a background check.  Applicants also go through an oral board and an observation period in dispatch.


During the three (3) week training Academy, employees are tested/quizzed daily on the information and training that they are receiving.  Benchmarks have been set and each trainee must meet these and pass the initial certifications prior to moving on to the next Phase of training.  Once the trainee starts the on the job (OJT) portion of the training, daily observation reports are completed by the Training Officer.   These observation reports track the daily progress of the trainee and at the completion of each shift, the Training Officer will re-cap and document the day’s events with the Trainee.  The Trainees are required to reach certain benchmarks before progressing.  This process is also monitored by the Supervisor Dispatcher and Executive Director.  Daily observations, computer logging and audio recording is used for all Quality Assurance evaluations.


After completion of the Training process and released from the training program, all employees are evaluated by the senior shift personal and/or the Operations Manager.  Priority calls are reviewed on a weekly basis, or as needed, along with non-priority calls that are randomly selected to assure compliance with Policies and Procedures.  A percentage of Priority calls are processed through a Quality Assurance program that grades each call and measures’ the calls based on an established standard that meets and exceeds the industry standards.


Policies and Procedures are continually being evaluated and changed to stay up with the current laws and technology of the industry.  All employees are required to do monthly training that will evaluate and continue the learning process and maintain certifications on a yearly basis.


Barry County Emergency Services use Internationally Recognized Protocols for Police, Fire and Medical Dispatching. In 2016, Barry County E9-1-1 Center received an International recognition for maintaining a high standard of excellence for Medical dispatching. Barry County Emergency Services is one of only five agencies in the state of Missouri that has received and maintains this accreditation.  Boone County Joint Communications, Gasconade County E-911, Jasper County Emergency Services and Taney County Ambulance District are the other four agencies that have also earned and maintain this Accreditation.

Quality Assurance Program