​ Office Hours are Monday-Friday      8:00 AM-4:00 PM
Administrative Personnel         417-846-4911
      Mapping & Addressing               417-846-4911
      Administrative Fax                      417-847-1717

Dispatch is staffed 24/7
Dispatch Non -Emergency       417-847-4911
       Dispatch Fax                                   417-846-0251

Do not use this site for Emergency Contact....   Dail 911

Welcome to Barry County
Emergency Services E9-1-1
4011 Main St
PO Box 910
Cassville, Mo 65625

Barry County Emergency Services is governed by a board of 7 elected officials. For information regarding upcoming board meetings make contact with the director.

The 911 Center broke ground in March 2007 and was fully operational March 2008

It was designed to withstand an F-5 tornado and accommodate county growth and needs.

It has an uninterrupted power supply and a generator for 24/7 continuous operations in cases of weather and disasters. 

The 911 Center is capable of providing countywide emergency service from one location. This helps you with only having to contact one place for all the help you need.

The 911 center was designed with efficiency in mind with a ground-source heating and cooling system.

The 911 center is also responsible for all mapping and addressing of Barry County

911 maps new road and houses that are built and updates the dispatchers maps and post offices.

911 is responsible for maintaining/replacing all road signs in the county.

911 also makes maps for your law enforcement, fire departments and ambulance services. These maps assist them with finding you in an emergency.

The 911 center is responsible for activation storm sirens countywide at the direction of the National Weather Service, law enforcement and fire departments.  Dispatch answers for 13 fire department, 16 law enforcement agencies, 2 ambulance districts and Emergency Management in the county, which encompass 791 square miles.

in 2011 Barry County E9-1-1 answered 116,169 calls, of which 29,771 were calls for service.

Barry County E9-1-1 Dispatchers are also trained in Emergency Medical Dispatch, Emergency Fire Dispatch and Emergency Police Dispatch.

Dispatchers are qualified to give life saving instructions to callers. (CPR, baby delivery, ect..)

Dispatchers must stay current on radio communications, criminal law, civil law, fire, incident command system, and a wide variety if other topics.

Contact the Executive Director, Mike Phillips, with questions regarding the Board of Directors, Board meetings and Finances.