To enhance the quality of life of every person in Barry County, Missouri, by receiving and processing 9-1-1 emergency calls and non-emergency calls and by dispatching Law Enforcement, Fire and Emergency Medical Services units, in a prompt, efficient, courteous and professional manner, to help save lives, protect property, and assist the public: making Barry County a safer Community in which to live, work and visit. 

November 2019 Barry County Emergency Services E9-1-1 planned and executed a list of remodels and updates to both office space and equipment over the last two weeks.   “The biggest change was the addition of a new station in the dispatch center,” he said. “We had four, and we operate with four people in the room, but we always want to have another station in case of emergencies, or if one station crashed unexpectedly.”  “We also updated one of our servers that is about five years old,” Phillips said. “We did that very early on that Thursday morning to minimize any interruptions.” The list of remodels include painting and new carpet, as well. “We haven’t really touched up those things in the last 12 years, and we are a 24-hour center,” Phillips said. “It was a good time to liven it up. We also added an accent wall at the dispatchers’ request.”  The remodel was done 2 stations at a time and the day to day operation was not interrupted at any point. 

We're at the forefront of ever-changing laws, continually upgrading technology and are fully committed to exceed citizens expectations.​
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On March 12th, 2019, Mike Phillips, Executive Director of Barry County Emergency Services E9-1-1, was named the Director of the Year by the Missouri Public Safety Communications Conference.  This Honor is voted on by members of the Missouri  9-1-1 Directors Association, Missouri Chapter of the International Association of Public-Safety Communications Officials and the Missouri Chapter of the National Emergency Number Association.  Mike Phillips has been working with the Missouri State Legislature on many issues dealing with the quality and funding for 9-1-1 Services in the State of Missouri in an effort to improve 9-1-1 Services for the Community.

Emergency Fire Dispatch

Members of NENA, Mo 911 Directors Association, APCO, Barry County LEPC, Cassville Rotary, Monett, Cassville, Shell Knob and Seligman Chamber of Commerce, Mo Professional Training Partnership, International Academy of Emergency Dispatchers, 

We are currently excepting applications  for an open position.

​​If you have important Medical Information that 911 needs to know about and would like to have this information  attached to your address.  Please complete the form and return it to us.  All information is confidential in accordance with HIPPA and Medical Information Release Acts and is only used in the event of an emergency.


Barry County Emergency Communications Center Operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week and is responsible for answering all 9-1-1 and non-emergency calls for the citizens of Barry County, Missouri, except the city of Monett.  Communications Center personnel also dispatch Police, Fire and Medical Services.

If you have a Storm Shelter on your property, notify us of the type and location.  This allows Emergency Services to find you faster.

Members of Barry County Emergency Services spent the afternoon on Friday the 12th , 2018,  with Mrs Cox Kindergarten class in Cassville, reading stories and learning about 9-1-1.  Mrs Cox class is our Business partner through the Cassville Chamber of Commerce.  These are some of the pumpkins the kids made for the 9-1-1 Center.

ACE Accredited Agency in Emergency Medical Dispatching since 2016

 Office Hours are Monday-Friday      8:00 AM-4:00 PM
Administrative Personnel         417-846-4911
      Mapping & Addressing               417-846-4911
      Administrative Fax                      417-847-1717

Dispatch is staffed 24/7
Dispatch Non -Emergency       417-847-4911
       Dispatch Fax                                   417-846-0251

Welcome to Barry County
Emergency Services E9-1-1
4011 Main St
PO Box 910
Cassville, Mo 65625

Barry County Emergency Services will be hosting an Open House, along with a Re-Dedication Ceremony and Ribbon-cutting on Friday, April 13th, 2018 at Noon.  The open House and guided tours will be offered following the Ceremony.

Barry County Emergency Services E 9-1-1 sincerely thanks the citizens, businesses and local agencies for their support trust and confidence over the past 10 years.  It is our privilege to serve the Barry County community. 

Barry County Emergency Services Executive Director Mike Phillips was present today when Missouri Governor Mike Parson signed several bills into law in Springfield, including one impacting 911 across the state. The governor signed House bill 1456 into law at the Greene County Public Safety Center Friday morning.

The new law will allow each county a choice of implementing a tax on any device that can contact 911, including cell phones. Missouri House Representative Jeanie Lauer has been trying to get the bill passed for several years. She attended the ceremony.

Missouri is currently the only state not collecting a tax or fee on wireless devices for 911 services, although more than 80-percent of 911 calls come from a wireless device. Governor Parson says this new law will modernize the 911 system statewide.

"House Bill 1456 brings Missouri into the 21st century, preparing the way for all Missourians to have quick access to our emergency response professionals." said Gov. Parson.

Barry County Emergency Services visited Mrs Cox Kindergarten class in Cassville on February 12th, 2019,  for a Valentines Party.  The 911 Telecomunicators read stories, participated in crafts and exchanged Valentines with the students.  Mrs Cox class is our Business partner through the Cassville Chamber of Commerce Business partner program. 

Emergency Police Dispatch

Valentines Card from our  Kindergarten Business Partner

We guarantee effective, aggressive Quality Assurance and Performance. Our history of successful job performance speaks volumes.

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We have a well-deserved reputation of excellence in providing customer service to the Citizens of Barry County Missouri.​
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July 6th, 2018

Emergency Medical Dispatch

Emergency Telecommunicator

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Quality Assurance

Executive Director Mike Phillips attended the Annual 2018 Missouri Public Safety Communications Conference and was Elected as the President of the Missouri 911 Directors Association. 

The Missouri 911 Directors Association was formed creating unity and solidarity among is members who are committed to promoting high quality 911 and Emergency call taking and dispatching services across our state.  The Directors Association is utilizing knowledge and experience of its members to educate law makers, responders and citizens of Missouri. Their members have a responsibility to their citizens, employees, responders and their own families and friends to be informed, involved and to take a positive action for the betterment of their 911 services.